Nortons Philosophical Memoirs Håkan Nesser

Now dont start getting ideas. I am not a philosopher. Im a dog. But I look like a philosopher, they say, and Im not sure the distinction is as great as you might think. Im whats known as a Rhodesian Ridgeback. My forebears used to hunt lions in Africa, but Im a modernized urban specimen. I dont hunt much of anything. I was born somewhere on the plains west of Uppsala, Sweden. In the beginning I was blind and tumbled around with my siblings. We pooped and bit each other and nursed, and our mother - who I must admit was kind of a bitch - tried to raise us to the best of her ability. Without all that much success, I must say too. When I was about two months old I was adopted. Two long-legged humans, a man and a woman, came and picked me up, loaded me in a car and drove into town. This is the story of the eleven years we spent together.

  • Navn: Nortons Philosophical Memoirs
  • Format: E-bog, ePub, PDF, FB2, MOBI
  • Forfattere: Håkan Nesser
  • Sprog: Dansk